Be adventurous. Dream big. Live inspired.

I'm a 25 year old American dreamer with a unicorn sidekick that is always halfway to somewhere but never fully anywhere. My heart is on the road, my soul is in all the places I've ever been, my memories are in my photographs, my home is in the hundreds of people I've invested in, and my mind is in the countless cars, airports, buses, airplanes, and trains I've ever spent more than a minute in.

My aim is to help my clients find adventure in their stories, no matter how big or small they may seem. I want my clients to conquer their worlds feeling empowered and courageous.

Some days it is easy to be tired or sore after many hours of shooting, but seeing light blossom in someone's eyes when I show them an image makes it completely worth it. I chose this career because I wanted to bring confidence into the lives of each and every person I have the privilege of photographing.

I invite you to come away with me and find your story.


Sarah Marie Spectrum [Sarah Chapin]



Lorikeets, Enjoy Magazine Nor Cal Living, 2017
Project Cosplay Photographer Guest, 2016, 2017


Sarah Marie Spectrum